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AG+ RapidHeal Factor

TruCare's Ag+ RapidHeal Factor is the result of years of research, resulting in a unique formula for Nano Colloidal Silver, which contains sub-microscopic positively charged silver particles suspended in an aqueous solution that is known to have excellent anti-microbial and healing properties.
Infused with Ag+ RapidHeal Factor, TruCare's range of everyday personal care products is designed specifically to eliminate microbes and help accelerate the human body's natural healing process.

So, just what is Nano Colloidal Silver, and why is it so important?
Colloidal Silver is a broad term for a solution that contains various concentrations of microscopic ionic silver compounds, silver colloids, or silver compounds bound to protein in water. The word “Nano” simply refers to the size of the silver particles.

For many centuries, colloidal silver has been used by many different cultures as a natural preservative and disinfectant. The Phoenicians used silver jars to store their water and oils, which would create a colloidal solution slowly without the need for electrolysis and keep the liquids fresh for long periods of time. Hippocrates was an advocate of adding ground silver to water for disinfection and consumption. Some of our recent ancestors put silver spoons and coins into their milk before the advent of pasteurization and refrigeration for the same benefit. More recently, colloidal silver is added as a disinfectant to the water supplies of the Russian space station Mir and the International Space Station. The World Health Organization claims silver is an effective way to disinfect drinking water in third-world countries.